SW-T10 #1: Favorite Movies [NO Spoilers]

oI’ve polled 10 of my fellow “uber” Star Wars fans and asked them to rank all 7 (8 if they’ve seen Rogue One) SW movies in order of favorites…. here is my data. Let’s chat in the comments, shall we?


Only ONE person didn’t choose Empire Strikes Back as their favorite in the series.

Everyone hates the prequels. It’s not even close. Of the “prequels”, Attack of the Clones is the most despised, but Jar Jar pushed some folks to list Phantom Menace as the worst. Only one voter hated Sith the most.

6 of the 10 voters have already seen Rogue One. Two of them list it as their second favorite in the franchise!

The Force Awakens is liked more than Return of the Jedi in 80% of the votes. While Rogue One is 50/50 with Force Awakens in popularity. 3 like it more, 3 like it less.


#1 – Empire Strikes Back – Score: 7.9
#2 – A New Hope – Score: 6.6
#3 – The Force Awakens – Score: 5.7
#4 – Rogue One – Score: 5.5
#5 – Return of the Jedi – Score: 4.9
#6 – Revenge of the Sith – Score: 2.7
#7 – The Phantom Menace – Score: 1.8
#8 – Attack of the Clones – Score: 1.5

So geeks – what do you all think? Let the discussion begin. Where you rank them?


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