SW-T10 #2: Top 10 Favorite Characters [No Spoilers]

I’ve polled 10 of my fellow “uber” Star Wars fans and asked them to rank their top 10 favorite Star Wars characters (movies only)…. here is my data. Let’s chat in the comments, shall we?


This topic is VERY subjective. One “uber” fan even refused to answer it because it was too difficult. I’m guessing that if I asked these 10 people to give me their list again, they would submit a totally different grouping (especially in the bottom half of their list).

Almost every submission came with notes of pain leaving off specific characters or asking for ‘honorable mentions’ for people who JUST didn’t make the top 10.

Again – remember – these are FAVORITE characters to these fans, not necessarily the “Best” in the SW universe – but our favorites. If a character was their number one, they got 10 points. 2nd got 9 points and so on. Then we score them on an average divided by 10 voters. Note: I think ALL the voters have now seen Rogue One.

This group of 10 fans each submitted TEN favorite characters. That could be 100 names – but these fans were mostly consistent. Only 23 different names were mentioned – impressive, most impressive.

If we break the listings down by where the characters were first introduced to us, by movie groupings, it’s quite interesting.

16 of the 23 names originated in the Original Trilogy (4, 5, 6)

4 of the 23 names originated in the Disney Era (Rogue One, Force Awakens)

3 of the 23 names (surprisingly) came from the Prequels (1,2,3).

Only THREE characters were on all 10 lists (at varying ranks): Han Solo, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Many voters, when submitting Obi Wan Kenobi told me if they meant the “young” or “old” Obi Wan. For the purposes of this list, he’s simply one character. Surely no one would vote for “young” Darth Vader.

Of the 23 characters, SEVEN are considered “bad guys”. Making an interesting topic.

There are two votes, at the bottom of the list, that show how the term “favorite” can really be skewed. More on that after the list.

Here we go – here is the full list with their score.

TOP 10

9.1 Han Solo
8.8 Darth Vader
6.0 Obi Wan Kenobi
4.7 Luke Skywalker
4.3 Yoda
3.9 R2-D2
3.2 Chewbacca
3.0 Rey
2.9 Boba Fett
2.4 Leia Organa-Solo

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Rest…
1.5 Emperor Palpatine
1.1 Kylo Ren
1.0 C-3PO
0.7 Darth Maul
0.7 Lando Calrissian
0.4 Jabba the Hutt
0.3 General Grievous
0.3 K-2SO
0.2 Padme
0.2 Wicket
0.1 BB-8
0.1 Nien Nunb (a vote references a family tradition with kids)
0.1 Porkins (a ‘throw away’ vote to simply stir conversation)

So, fellow SW geeks – what do you think? Let the debate begin. Where do you rank them? Who was left off this list?

NOTE: If you’d like to be added to my merry band of “uber” fans to be included in the ongoing posts, send me a direct message. 🙂


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