SW-T10 #3: Top 10 Favorite Vehicles [No Spoilers]

I’ve polled 10 of my fellow “uber” #StarWars fans and asked them to rank their top 10 favorite Star Wars vehicles (Official Canon – Movies, Clone Wars and Rebels)…. here is my data. Let’s chat in the comments, shall we?


People are ALL over the map when deciding on their favorite vehicles. While the Millennium Falcon (of course) was on EVERY list – no other vehicle was. The Millennium Falcon was ALMOST a perfect 10, but fell off the number 1 spot on two people’s lists. With a 9.7 score, it’s now the most universally favorite item in our 3 lists, passing Han Solo’s 9.1 from our Favorite Character list.

In fact, 30 different vehicles were nominated in total.

The AT-AT was on all but one list, as was the Imperial Speeder Bike (from Jedi).

Most choices had reasoning behind them and many felt pained to leave some off.

A lot of feeling it’s a ‘favorite’ seemed to stem from memories of the toy as a child. Case in point – the escape pod from Tantive IV (pictured below).


TIE Fighters were on most lists. Many people put Vader in all kinds of different TIE vehicles (some said TIE Bomber, so said Vader’s TIE fighter, some said Vader’s TIE Interceptor). So, for the purposes of this list, I’m combing them all into Vader’s TIE Advanced.

A little debate on the actual definition of a vehicle. So, after showing me the dictionary definition of “a thing used for transporting people or goods, especially on land, such as a car, truck, or cart.” the living Tauntaun was available for the list.

All the Original Trilogy Rebel Starfighters seem to be accounted for: X-Wing, Y-Wing, B-Wing, A-Wing. The new U-Wing from Rogue One did NOT make the list.

The fall-off from the top 5 vehicles to the rest of the list is a big dip. There are favorites and then there are FAVORITES!

Remember – these are FAVORITE vehicles to these fans, not necessarily the “best” in the SW universe – but favorites. If a vehicle was their number one, they got 10 points. 2nd got 9 points and so on. Then we score them on an average divided by 10 voters.

The breakdown of the listings by where the vehicles were first introduced to us is as follows:

23 of the 30 names originated in the Original Trilogy (4, 5, 6)

4 of the 30 names originated in the Disney Era (Rogue One, Force Awakens)

2 of the 30 names (surprisingly) came from the Prequels (1,2,3)

1 of the 30 names came from the Cartoons (Clone, Rebels)

Here we go – here is the full list with their score.


9.7 Millennium Falcon
6.1 AT-AT
5.8 Imperial Speeder Bike
5.6 X-Wing Fighter
4.6 Slave I (Boba Fett’s Ship)
2.8 Star Destroyer
2.8 Vader’s TIE Advanced
1.9 Imperial TIE Fighter
1.6 Death Star
1.6 Jabba’s Sail Barge (also called Khetanna for the UBER UBER fans)

The Rest…
1.4 Jakku Land Speeder
1.2 AT-ST (Scout/Chicken Walker)
1.2 Imperial Shuttle
1.1 Tauntaun
0.9 Bespin Cloud Car
0.9 Luke’s Landspeeder
0.7 Hammerhead Corvette
0.7 Snowspeeder
0.7 Y-Wing Fighter
0.6 The Ghost
0.5 A-Wing Fighter
0.5 Poe’s X-Wing
0.4 Jawa Sandcrawler
0.4 Kylo Ren’s Shuttle
0.4 X-J6 (Anakin’s Yellow Speeder in Attack of the Clones)
0.2 Obi Wan’s Jedi Interceptor
0.2 Rebel Starfighter (general term, not sure of specific ship)
0.2 Tantive IV Escape Pod
0.1 B-Wing Fighter
0.1 Rebel Blockade Runner

So, fellow SW geeks – what do you think? Let the debate begin. Where do you rank them? What was left off this list?

NOTE: If you’d like to be added to my merry band of “uber” fans to be included in the ongoing posts, send me a direct message. I send the request out to the Uber list and the first 10 responses make it into the data.


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