SW-T10 #4: Top 10 Favorite Droids [No Spoilers]

I’ve polled 10 of my fellow “uber” #StarWars fans and asked them to rank their top 10 favorite Star Wars droids (Official Canon)…. here is my data. Let’s chat in the comments, shall we?


WOW! The top 4 are no-brainers, but after that it’s a free-for-all. The bottom of the lists that were sent were FILLED with droids I’ve had to look up. It’s amazing how this universe speaks to people in different ways – amazing what mini moments can make an impression.

25 different droids were nominated in total.

R2D2, C3PO, and BB8 made it on to every list while K-2SO was on 9 of 10 – the one person who didn’t even rank him mentioned that “Rogue One just didn’t make an impression”. However, for everyone else K-2 jumped right into their top favorites.

Just as with the vehicles list below, a lot of feeling it’s a ‘favorite’ seemed to stem from memories of the toy as a child. I know I did – that Gonk toy was awesome. So simple, but that noise was epic.

For the first time, the prequels did a good job of representing. Almost 30% of the votes came from Episodes 1, 2 or 3.

One vote left me curious if we had to debate the definition of a droid. We had a vote for the gaming table aboard the Falcon. For the purposes of this list, I left it off.

Remember – these are FAVORITE droids to these fans, not necessarily the “best” in the SW universe – but favorites. If your curious how the scoring works, ask – we’re happy to share.

The breakdown of the where the droids were first introduced to us:

13 of the 25 names originated in the Original Trilogy (4, 5, 6)
7 of the 25 names came from the Prequels (1,2,3)
3 of the 25 names originated in the Disney Era (Rogue One, Force Awakens)
2 of the 25 names came from “other” (Clone Wars, Rebels, Comics)

Here we go – here is the full list with their score.



9.4 R2-D2
8.0 C-3PO
7.8 BB-8
7.4 K-2SO
3.0 Chopper
2.8 2-1B
2.6 IG-88
1.5 EV-9D9 (Jabba’s Droid Pool Supervisor)
1.3 B1 – Basic Battle Droid
1.3 IT-O Interrogation Droid

Also Receiving Votes…
1.1 R5-D4
1.0 GNK (Gonk) Power Droid
1.0 Imperial Probe Droid
1.0 Droideka

Votes with Less Than 1 Point
000 “Triple Zero” – From Vader Comic
Buzz Droids
IG-100 (Grievous’ henchmen)
FX-7 (Medical Droid)
R4 (Obi Wan’s)
3B6-RA-7 (That Bug head C-3PO looking droid in the Sandcrawler)
Super Battledroids
Pit Droid

So, fellow SW geeks – what do you think? Let the debate begin. Where do you rank them? What was left off this list?

PLEASE Share our little page and keep the comments flowing!

NOTE: If you’d like to be added to my merry band of “uber” fans to be included in the ongoing posts, send me a direct message. I send the request out to the Uber list and the first 10 responses make it into the data.


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