SW-T10 #6: Top 10 Favorite Jedis [No Spoilers]

This week, fans rejoiced and got all goose-bumpy with the official announcement that Episode VIII has been named “The Last Jedi”. The speculation on what that can mean is ALL over the map.

In celebration of the new title, I’ve polled 10 of my fellow “uber” #StarWars fans and asked them to rank their top 10 favorite Star Wars Jedi from the Movies, Clone Wars and Rebels.

As always, there’s a lot of debate to be had, so head over to the comments, and get in the battle.


For the first time in the short history of SW-T10, some of our Uber Fans couldn’t reach a full 10 votes!

A few thoughts on that. 1. A lot of Jedi are featured in the Prequels and most of the Uber Fans tend to overlook those, or haven’t watched them anywhere close to the number of times as the Original Tribology.

2. They just don’t watch the cartoons. Which is a shame, as many Star Wars fans consider Ashoka Tano one of the best characters (not just Jedi) in the entire SW Canon.

14 different Jedi were nominated in total. And yes, Jedi is plural. Does that make you re-think the title of Episode VIII a little?

Luke, Yoda, and Obi Wan made it on to everyone’s lists – no surprise there. A bit surprising is that the Universe’s own BMF, Mace Windu also made it on to every list.

Obi Wan Kenobi is HUGELY popular! In fact, he’s the highest ranked winner in any of the lists we’ve done, to date. His 9.8 (out of 10) passes the Millennium Falcon’s 9.7 score in our Favorite Vehicle list, R2-D2’s 9.4 in our Favorite Droids list and Han Solo’s 9.1 from our Favorite Character list.

Many of the fans debated with me, the validity of other character who SHOULD have been included. Leia, Rey and even Kylo Ren. They have the force. They can use a lightsaber. But our debate was settled when we discussed that Jedi is a title that is earned, not just that you have the force. That also rules out everyone’s favorite blind monk – Imwe from Rogue One. None of these folks ever held the official title of Jedi Knight.

Due to sheer numbers of characters, the Prequels and Cartoons OUT-RANK the Original Trilogy for the first time.

The breakdown of the where the droids were first introduced to us:

3 of the 14 names originated in the Original Trilogy (4, 5, 6)
7 of the 14 names came from the Prequels (1,2,3)
0 of the 14 names originated in the Disney Era (Rogue One, Force Awakens)
4 of the 14 names came from the Official Cartoons (Clone Wars, Rebels)

Here we go – here is the full list with their score.

Remember – these are FAVORITE Jedi to these fans, not necessarily the “best” in the SW universe – but favorites. If your curious how the scoring works, ask – we’re happy to share.


9.8 Obi Wan Kenobi
8.6 Yoda
7.8 Luke Skywalker
5.9 Mace Windu
4.7 Qui-Gon Jinn
4.2 Ashoka Tano
2.9 Anakin Skywalker (Pre-Vader)
2.2 Kit Fisto
1.7 Kanan Jarrus
1.0 Ezra Bridger

Also Receiving Votes…
0.6 Plo Koon
0.5 Ki-Adi-Mundi
0.4 Shaak-Ti
0.2 Quinlan Vos

So, fellow SW geeks – what do you think? Let the debate begin. Where do you rank them? What was left off this list?

PLEASE Share our little page and keep the comments flowing!

NOTE: If you’d like to be added to my merry band of “uber” fans to be included in the ongoing posts, send me a direct message. I send the request out to the Uber list and the first 10 responses make it into the data.


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