SW-T10 #7: Fan Theories on Rey [Possible Spoilers]

We’re taking a break from our full-on lists and diving a little deeper into some of our own ideas on the Star Wars Universe.

With “The Last Jedi” 10 short (long?) months away – we’ve been thinking about theories we hope to see explained. One of the biggest on our minds – where is Rey from and who is her family?

Many fans believe they know the truth from tidbits of novels, kids books or comics, but until it’s on film, we can’t consider it “truth”. So, with that in mind – what do we THINK is the story behind Rey?

I’ve asked 10 of my fellow “uber” #StarWars fans and they offered up their own theories.

As always, there’s a lot of debate to be had, so head over to the comments, and get in the battle.


We have some very common thoughts. Could she be a Skywalker? A Solo? A Kenobi? Some VERY out-there thoughts (Clone anyone?). A few sum it up briefly while others sent in entire essays with their thoughts. All of them are fun to read, though!

Remember – these are our own theories. They aren’t based on fact – yet! No opinion is wrong. Well, until they tell us the story and then most of these will be wrong. 

THE THEORIES (in no particular order):

“I think Rey is a clone of Anakin Skywalker. Or perhaps Anakin reincarnated through The Force.

It would explain her connection to the force, her obvious immense power (even untrained), her piloting skills, her lightsaber skills, her being called to Anakin’s old lightsaber and her connection to droids. (Anakin forged a deep connection with R2 and could understand him). I lean more towards reincarnation than clone.”


“Rey’s parents were part of the Rebellion and got together after the Battle of Endor. Rey was born in the years that followed and her strong Force sensitivity and proximity to Luke made her a candidate for his school. But then the Knights of Ren burned it all down, killing her folks, too (don’t know how that works). She was hidden by Luke to save her life from another Jedi purge, knowing that his youth on Tatooine saved his own life.”


“I like the Rey/Obi Wan theory, but my issue is to mirror the original trilogy – ‘Rey, I am your brother’ is much more dramatic. I think Leia has to be the mother, doesn’t mean that Han is the father. So, I WANT it to be an Obi Wan connection, but I think it’s a Leia connection.”


“Rey is the youngest child of Han and Leia. Kylo is older by quite a number of years. Rey was training with Luke to be a Jedi when Kylo came in and killed all the training Jedi’s. Luke was able to escape with Rey before Kylo could realize he didn’t kill her too. Luke was the one who dropped Rey off on Jakku, either he mind-tricked her into forgetting these events or being that it was so traumatic, she has blocked it out. Luke told Han/Leia that Rey died so they would never look for her. Han and Leia’s marriage starts to break down (thinking their son killed their daughter). Han also takes Rey under his wing because he is feeling fatherly towards her. I mean, he offered her a job, Han doesn’t like new comers that much to offer them a job.

Fast forward to Leia seeing Rey, a mother ALWAYS knows their child. That’s why Leia hugs Rey. Why would Leia hug this random girl? She wouldn’t, she was hugging her child. Also, Rey probably isn’t her birth name, it’s what Luke told whomever on Jakku her name was.

I know that JJ said we haven’t met Rey’s parents yet but I think he is full of shit. He also said the Falcon wasn’t going to be in AFW and it was. I don’t think she is Luke’s daughter because then like, where is her mom? It’s a little too soap opera for Luke to have a daughter he never knew about.

Other clues she is Han/Leia’s daughter…..
Rey is a decent pilot this is why she can fly the Falcon, she is also force sensitive like Leia is. Two traits she inherited from her parents.

And what better way to show the differences between siblings….Luke/Leia worked together and Kylo/Rey are currently enemies. In Rey’s vision, she is able to summon (I am not sure that I the word I want to use) Luke’s and Anakin’s lightsaber. Why? Because she is a Skywalker descendent.

Let’s assume Rey has no memory of using a lightsaber before…..how she was able to battle against Kylo (and hold her own) because she was training to be a Jedi.”


“She is Leia and Hans’ kid who was kidnapped and that event destroyed the family. They sent Ben to be protected and learn from Luke.”


“She and Ben Solo are siblings. She’s his younger sister. Ben was being trained by Luke and stuff went south with Ben and the Dark Side so Han and Leia hid her away to protect her. Because of Ben’s evil turn, Han and Leia split. Luke, feeling guilty isolates himself.”


“I think she is either simply Luke’s daughter OR a relative of Shmi Skywalker in some way.”


“I think she is connected to Luke for sure, but not necessarily in a parental way. Maybe via Obi Wan…? He had a child prior to connecting with Luke in ANH and he/she had Rey? She was hidden after Obi Wan was killed?

I don’t know…. It seems too simple to believe she’s Luke or Leia’s. The Force runs through her, and I don’t think her parents were *muggles* (Yes, I just used a Harry Potter reference in a post about SW). For her to channel the force like that, I think one or both of her parents were powerful with the force.”


“I’m going with the obvious. That she is Han and Leia’s child. She was there at the scene in which all of Luke’s pupils were killed (her vision). Her vision is of what happened after… Kylo Renn killing the perpetrators…leading him down the dark side.

Ultimately, It was a setup and she was taken. She was told that she was going to her parents and then left with Unkar Plutt until Snoke could destroy Luke. Han & Leia were told that their child was dead. They buried her.

Kylo went in his direction, Han in his, Leia in hers and Luke in his. So, there you have it. Rey is Han and Leia’s and her “death” split them all up. The blaster scene between Han and Rey in Force Awakens is Han remembering his daughter who would be about Rey’s age…but she’s dead. And…Rey wasn’t her given name. It’s her nickname she gave herself.”


“Rey is a Kenobi with possible Mandalorean ties. Going back to the Clone Wars, Obi Wan seemed to have quite a thing for Satine Kryze, and it is quite possible that she and Obi Wan had a little thing, and that she may have hidden the offspring from him due to his involvement in the Wars. Perhaps a granddaughter. That’s why we hear Obi Wans voice in Rey’s flash.”

So, fellow SW geeks – what do you think? Let the debate begin. Which do you believe in? What is your own theory?

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