SW-T10 #12: Top 10 Favorite Star Wars Universe Locations [No Spoilers]

Today, all of Earth is celebrating May 4th – Star Wars Day! In the Universe of Star Wars, just like real estate, it is all about – location, location, location. Snow, desert, forest, water and lava – the Star Wars worlds have it all.

In celebration of May the 4th Be With You, I’ve polled 10 of my fellow SW-T10 “uber” StarWars fans and asked them to rank their top 10 favorite Star Wars Locations from the Movies.

We didn’t put too many rules on the choices – if it’s a planet, a town, a specific part of a building or vehicle – they’re all here.

As always, there’s a lot of debate to be had, so head over to the comments, and get in the battle!


This question was a bit like pulling teeth with some of the Ubers. Apparently, location doesn’t harken a huge place in the hearts of many of the Ubers, but the votes had specific memories attached to them all.

LOTS of votes for familiar spots, with a total of 34 different locations being nominated from the Ubers.

Let’s look at when the locations were first seen…
Original Trilogy: 20 of the 34 Votes
Prequels: 5 of the 34 Votes
Disney Era: 9 of the 34 Votes

We didn’t have any unanimous decisions. Which is odd in a list this short, but not one location was on every list of favorites.

Tatooine had 5 different references, The Death Star had 3, and the Millennium Falcon (a small ship) had 2!


Here we go – here is the full list with their score.

Remember – these are FAVORITE locations to these fans, not necessarily the “best” in the SW universe – but favorites. If you’re curious how the scoring works, ask – we’re happy to share.


5.6 Echo Base / Hoth
4.8 Mos Eisley / Cantina
4.0 Cloud City / Bespin
4.0 Millennium Falcon Cockpit
3.6 Endor / Ewok Village
3.2 Scariff
2.5 Dagobah
2.2 Hallways of Tantive IV
2.1 Jabba’s Palace
1.8 Death Star


Also Receiving Votes over 1.0 score…
1.7 Jedi Temple
1.6 Rebel Base on Yavin
1.5 Carbon Freezing Chamber
1.4 Emperor’s Throne Room
1.2 Maz’s Castle
1.2 Flight/Command Deck of Star Destroyer
1.1 Darth Vader’s Castle
1.0 Mustafar

Some really fun spots that didn’t get enough love…
* Uncle Owen’s Farm
* Death Star Trash Compactor
* Jakku (Especially Rey’s home in the Walker)
* Inside the Sandcrawler

The vote that most shows “thinking outside the box”:
Space. Think of that as you wish. He simply said: “Space”.

So, fellow SW geeks – what do you think? Let the debate begin. Where do you rank them? What was left off this list? What should have been higher or is ranked too high?

PLEASE Share our little page and keep the comments flowing!


NOTE: If you’d like to be added to my merry band of “uber” fans to be included in the ongoing posts, send me a direct message. I send the request out to the Uber list and the first 10 responses make it into the data.


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